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First FSP superior of Sabah community called to eternal life

ALBANO, Italy – The first superior of the Daughters of St Paul community was called to eternal life on 29 Apr 2018 at the San Raffaele wing of the community here.  She was 88.

Born on 16 Apr 1930 in Turin, Elisabetta Capello entered the congregation in Alba in 1949.  She made her first profession in 1952 and took her final vows in 1957.

In June 1957 she left for Australia as a missionary where she became the superior of the Sydney community.  On 6 Feb 1961, together with three Filipina sisters, she opened the house of Dontozidon in Penampang.  However, she was recalled to Rome after a few months.

In 1969 she went to Kampala Uganda to help the sisters prepare for the visit of Pope Paul VI.  In 1971 she was sent to Mumbai India for a few months.  Often she was in Rome helping out in the editorial sector, teaching the formands, animating those going to pilgrimages to the places of the congregational origins.

In 2008 she was transferred to San Raffaele wing of the Albano community where she gave witness to much love and much capacity for suffering and self-offering, in union with Jesus.

In one of her writings, she wrote:

Pauline spirituality is fundamental…I felt fulfilled and happy in the missionary apostolate: Australia, the Philippines, India, Africa…, in the apostolate in Italy through propaganda (diffusion) and then for many years in editorial work (patristics) and in proofreading… Now I am here in Albano in the San Raffaele wing, in the last phase of my life.  With joy and in peace, I exercise the dual apostolate so dear to Primo Maestro: the apostolate of prayer and of suffering.  All that I have received and and receive in the marvellous Pauline Family is precious for me in walking joyfully to my encounter with the Bridegroom.

She died at 9 pm on the fifth Sunday of Easter.

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