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SM St Michael upholds its identity, character and ethos

PENAMPANG – SM St Michael, under the headship of principal Jennifer Asing, made a decision to uphold the identity, character and ethos of the mission school by a visible display of a crucifix to be affixed for each classroom.

On 25 May 2017, Father Wiandigool Runsab of St Michael’s Church Penampang blessed the crucifixes, which were then affixed to the door of each classroom of the St Joseph school block.  The crucifixes were donated by the school teachers.

Accompanying the principal to witness the event, were chairman of the Board of Governor, Donald Malinggang, catechist Lewis Juit, and members of the board and PTA.

Fr Wiandigool took the opportunity to visit the classrooms of the other two school blocks, named after the Archangels St Michael and St Gabriel.

The decision to make visible the essential identity, character and ethos of the mission school is in keeping with the Catholic roots and tradition to build a generation of Catholic students who grounded  in their Catholic faith, teachings and traditions.  It also serves as a reminder to incorporate Christian values into the daily teaching, as well as to inculcate or reinstate the culture and purpose of mission school into the mind of the school community, comprising the board, school heads, teachers, PIBG and students.

It is the school’s hope that it would produce and nurture boys and girls to be good citizens, who love God and neighbour, and who can enrich society with the leaven of the Gospel.

Asing pointed out the school motto Ora Et Labora (Pray and Work), and shared the belief that prayers and good management and teamwork would enable the school to maintain its excellence. – Soccom Penampang

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