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AECEC organises workshop to improve teaching skills

Participants engrossed in one of the group dynamics organised at the workshop, 2 June 2017, Papar.

PURAK, Papar – The AECEC (Archdiocesan Early Education Committee) organised a three-day workshop for over 40 mission kindergarten teachers at Pace Bene here on 2-5 June 2017.

The workshop was specially designed to impart skills to the teachers on the effective delivery of lessons based on Christian values.

The teachers came from mission kindergartens across the archdiocese, as well as from Nabawan.

Topics presented included understanding the key values and objectives of mission kindergartens, the roles and responsibilities of mission kindergarten teachers, application of phonics, class management, scheme of work, the learning environment, science and mathematics activities applying the critical and creative thinking skills for the different age groups and also daily spiritual input.

What was different from a typical workshop was that with every topic, the teachers gained the knowledge of how to infuse spiritual and moral values based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in their daily interactions with the children.

The workshop was facilitated by AECEC members, headed by Jennifer Anjek.  In her opening address,  Anjek explained that the design of the workshop was the outcome of taking into consideration parents’ expectations that mission kindergartens need to do more to distinguish them from other kindergartens.

Based on the active and vocal participation of the teachers, it was obvious that the participants enjoyed and benefited from the workshop.

Bibiana, the Head Teacher of Tadika Santo Simon Duvanson said that although she has formal qualifications, the workshop opened her mind to new ideas especially in integrating Christian values in her daily interactions with the children.

Joe of Tadika Kasih Bonda Ranau commented that the workshop was good for teachers and that he has gained new knowledge and experience, especially the method of integrating spiritual and moral values in the daily activities for the different age groups.

Durah of Tadika Sinar Sukacita Inanam has always wanted to do more for the children but did not know how to do it. The workshop made it clear for her.

Cabrinie of Tadika Harmoni Penampang was grateful that she was able to participate in the workshop which gave her lots of ideas from lesson planning to an assessment of the progress of the children.

Franciscan Sister Edana of Tadika Our Lady of Consolata Nabawan said that the workshop clarified for her the role of mission kindergartens.

Overall comment from the participants was that the workshop was well worth the three days that they had to spend away from home and looked forward to more such workshops. – AECEC

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