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Labuan parish celebrates feast day with procession

LABUAN – The parish of Blessed Sacrament Church here celebrated its feast day with a Eucharistic procession on 18 June 2017.

The procession took place after Communion from the church to the multipurpose hall where benediction was given.

It was also the time when Archbishop John Wong made his annual two-day (June 17-18) pastoral visit to the parish.

Ninty Sunday School students received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Sunset Mass June 17.

The prelate spent the first evening mingling with the coordinators of the various ministries and community groups over a fellowship dinner when he was given a belated birthday surprise.

After listening to the feedback, he expressed his satisfaction at the commitment and unity among the groups and ministries.  He pointed out that the parish must take up the responsibility to look into the pastoral needs of the Catholic students from the higher learning institutes in Labuan.

Abp Wong urged the married couples of the parish community to have more children so that the church will grow.

In his homily at Mass the next day, the prelate called on the faithful to love one another as Jesus loves.

For the Presentation, the various groups presented individually a symbolic love offering.

The celebration concluded with a fellowship meal for some 1200 faithful.  The food was sponsored by the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC).

PPC Chairman Ambrose Steven Tati expressed gratitude on behalf of the parish, to the prelate for his pastoral visit in conjunction with their feast day.

At the fellowship, the archbishop shared his RROP way of living the faith: 1) Read the Word of God, 2) Receive the Sacraments, 3) Obey God’s Commandments, and 4) Proclaim the Good News.

Performances from various groups lent a festive air to the parish event.- Gerard Lean

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