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Stella Maris celebrates World Youth Day after two-year-gap

The participants give each other the sign of peace, Tg Aru, 10 Apr 2017.

TANJUNG ARU – After a gap of two years, Stella Maris youths managed to gather 25 youngsters to celebrate World Youth Day on 10 Apr 2017. They took the WYD theme, “For the Mighty One has done great things for me; and holy is His name” (Luke 1:49).

Also present were PPC Chairlady, Teresa Alberto and the parish’s Youth Ministry advisor, Neil Mah.
They explained in more detail the importance and role of the youth in the church. They gave the youngsters some words of encouragement and motivation as they are the future leaders. They encouraged them to have self-confidence in facing the challenges ahead of them.

The WYD programme started with a rosary recitation at the grotto.  The programme was held on Monday at St Peter’s Room as the participants were unable to celebrate it on Sunday, Apr 9.

Other activities held were praise and worship, discussion on topics related to World Youth Day, and Our Youth Voice where many shared their ideas and opinions.

Our Youth Voice is an avenue where the parish youth are able to voice out their concerns and ideas to the leaders of the parish, concerning the young people and their service to the church. It is held once in three months. – Jeremy Chin

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