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Ranau Hospital organises annual Christmas-New Year celebration

SIB choir presents a song performance at the Ranau Hospital Christmas-New Year celebration, 6 Jan 2017.

RANAU – Ranau Hospital organised its annual Christmas-New Year celebration on 6 Jan 2017.

Doctor Clarence Sirisani, Ranau Hospital Director, said the celebration was held as a friendly gathering among all health facilities in the Ranau Hospital and to bridge any gap between hospital personnel and the public.

“We organise this event to show appreciation among ourselves for the hard work that we did throughout the year, especially in making sure that our efforts for quality health services are at the highest level, ” Sirisani said.

He added that the event is also held to motivate the hospital personnel for the new year.

The director commended the organising committee members for their efforts and thanked all sponsors for contributing to the food and drinks.

Aside from the hospital staff, there were also guests from the health department, dental clinics, Ranau Hospital’s concessionaires, security guards, SIB church members and others. – Clarence G Dol

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