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St Dominic to build hall with unique fundraiser

LAHAD DATU – Saint Dominic Parish here resorted to a unique fundraiser here recently.

The second season of Mister and Miss Dominican Fashion Show was held on 6 Nov 2016 over a sumptuous dinner, in aid of the building fund of the parish hall.

Thirteen participants were named as finalists, who acted as church ambassadors to raise funds. These finalists were from the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) under the care of the parish.

Bishop Julius Gitom, in his address, said “We are all united through the Holy Spirit in this life. I believe that this unity is made visible by all parishioners coming together to donate for charity.”

He noted that the proceeds collected has reached RM13,000 which was a “praiseworthy achievement.”

Bishop Gitom made a special mention of the finalists who worked hard to entertain the parishioners, and of  the voting tickets sold to the parishioners, that contributed much to the fruitfulness of the event.

Maryanne of St Nicholas De Tolentino won first place as Miss Dominican while Maxrayner of Our Lady of Rosary clinched the title for Mr Dominican. For each category, there were altogether five prizes. – Mazdollyna Eborok

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