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Bible Class students choose to do outreach on Graduation Day

stella-marisKOTA MARUDU – Thirteen Bible Class students of Stella Maris Parish Tanjung Aru chose to celebrate their graduation day by an outreach trip to St Theresa Hostel here on 27 Nov 2016.

The students did their fundraising for the trip through selling of cupcakes, henna painting, photo booth, selling of drinks and others.

On the day itself, they brought with them something that they could share with the students there such as boxes of goodies, clothes, stationery, stuff toys and many other things. Their parents were part of the giving as well.

The journey to Kota Marudu was filled with joy, prayer and excitement, some of them woke up at 4 am to prepare themselves. They reached Kota Marudu about 10:30 am and were warmly greeted by Sr Jossekah. They were also welcomed by the hostel students, all in green,  with a welcome song.

Teresa Alberto, PPC Chairman who also joined the trip, said she saw joy and sadness in the children. Joy when they played, danced and sang with them. Sadness when they spoke about their families. Some who are just about six years old have not met their family for over a year.

The Bible Class graduates said  they were amazed that everyone in the hostel, from aged six above, can speak English, sing and dance well, well disciplined and through their smiles brought lots of love to anyone who visited them even for the first time.

The graduation ceremony  took place on the beach in Kota Belud. The students were quiet as they reflected not only on their journey of catechetical formation of 11 years but feeling so blessed that they are able to see their loved ones everyday, that they have almost everything provided for by their loved ones, and so blessed that they are able to give. Teresa Alberto

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