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Youth and parents attend vocation seminar


PAPAR – St Joseph Church Vocation Committee organised a vocation seminar at  St Kenneth Church, Kelatuan here on 27 Aug 2016.

One hundred and five youth, including their parents, attended the seminar. The team committee consists of assistant parish priest, Fr Thomas Madanan, Franciscan Sr Juanah Saliun, Peter Pang, Victoria Appolonius, Laura Julius, Lester Randy and Christy Jane Edmund.

The seminar opened with a praise and worship session led by St Kenneth church choir, followed with the Bible enthronement by Fr Madanan. He immediately started the seminar with two sessions called ‘What is Vocation calling?’ and ‘Vocation to the Priesthood.’  Then Sr Saliun took over with the third talk called ‘Vocation to Religious Life.’

Then  the participants were divided into several youth groups and parents groups. Topics discussed in the youth groups were: ‘How do I know I have the calling?’ and ‘How do I respond and what’s my action?’   The parents discussed  two topics as well: ‘How do I know that my children have a calling?’ and ‘How do I support them?’

The seminar saw active participation from both  age groups in the sharing sessions and in presenting their findings.

Fr Madanan concluded the seminar with a summary,  followed by lunch. – Laura Julius (St Joseph Papar Secretary Vocation Committee)

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