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SMP Divine Mercy Apostolate marks 4th YOM penitential journey


TANJUNG ARU – August 31, 2016 marked the fourth journey undertaken by 400 Stella Maris parishioners to the ‘Door of Mercy’ at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

They made their first to St Peter Kudat on May 1 with 260 pilgrims, followed by their second to St Peter Claver Ranau on June 4 with 200 pilgrims. Holy Rosary Limbahau saw 250 making their third pilgrimage where they performed a Corporal Work of Mercy at the Holy Family Residence for Senior Citizens.

Caroline Teo recalled feeling “happy and refreshed each time I enter the Holy Door.” Caroline, from the committee of organisers for the Divine Mercy Apostolate, was involved in organising the four pilgrimages.

However, Ronald Tan commented,  “We can enter many Holy Doors, but if our hearts are still close, there is no meaning to enter!”

Many who participated walked quite a distance from the Grotto to the Holy Door; some struggled with babies and small children, some elderly strove to keep up with the pace and the heat as best as they could, while some were sickly. Patiently they persisted through their penitential journey, accompanied by others and flowing with the crowd. Genevieve

Genevieve Lojinin who has a bad pain in the back said, “I forgot about the pain as soon as I started on  the journey. I was able to do it because I focused on God and His mercy.”

Mr Soon joyfully shared that each time he made the journey as a pilgrim, he felt good and happy.

Joseph from Kuala Lumpur admitted that this was his first, and felt at peace.

Theresa William, who was the ‘force’ behind all these pilgrimages, shared that it was not easy if they focused on the challenges especially in gathering such big crowds and to accomplish all the four Holy Doors in the Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese. “I surrendered everything to God and let God lead me,” declared Theresa. She also had

“I surrendered everything to God and let God lead me,” said Theresa. She also has the support of her husband Gabriel, who is the pillar of her strength.

What was amazing to see after each journey, was happy faces as well as pensive ones.   Many sought  healing, forgiveness, peace, and reconciliation, and as long as they decided to journey with an open heart, they would receive the indulgence of God,  the mercy of God.  – Teresa Alberto

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