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TUKAD community celebrates harvest festival

tukad community

TAWAU – Holy Trinity Parish of Tawau celebrated the parish level Harvest Festival organised by the TUKAD community on 1 May 2016. The event commenced with a Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration, presided over by Fr Philip Muji and concelebrated with Msgr Nicholas Ong.

More than 1,000 parishioners, mainly from the TUKAD community gathered and offered their thanksgiving to God for the fruits and blessings granted throughout the year.

With thanksgiving and deep gratitude to God Almighty, Fr Philip Muji began his homily touching on the loyalty and respect of the KadazanDusun and Murut ( TUKAD ) community in holding on to their tradition and cultural values. Harvest Festival is basically a thanksgiving celebration. “Your tradition and culture is indeed a gift from God. It is your identity. It reminds all of us that this identity must be protected and pass on to the next generation. You are aware that this tradition has formed you to be a loyal and faithful community of God. With all the graces and blessings you received, let’s continue to trust and hope in the Lord by being prayerful children of God,” said the presider.

He concluded his homily with a hope that all communities in the parish would respect the culture and tradition of other communities, for that is the foundation of good relationship, understanding and unity, as a way of growing in faith together.

After the Eucharistic celebration all parishioners were invited to the parish hall for a luncheon fellowship and some entertainment.

Msgr Nicholas Ong expressed his joy and thanked the TUKAD community for faithfully organising the Kaamatan event every year.

He said, “It shows that the traditions are not merely for entertainment but indeed you believe in the sovereignty of God. May you continue to give thanks for His generosity and  fruitful harvest and be the humble community of God.” – SOCCOM Tawau

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