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Telupid youth make spiritual preparation for SYD4

telupid preparation

TELUPID – St Martin youth apostolate organised a two-day spiritual seminar for their participants to prepare them for SYD4 . Thirty-five youth came for it on 29-30 Apr 2016, which was held in the church here.

Daniel Hendricus, contingent leader, divided the inputs into a few talks, engaging spiritual aspects in line with the theme Matt 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Besides spiritual inputs, they were also briefed on the rules and regulations imposed throughout the five-day event in Tawau.

Hendricus emphasised on humility when he shared on the SYD-4 theme and gave opportunity to the participants to reflect on the practice of this virtue in their daily lives.

Following that, he invited all to reflect deeper on the meaning of God’s mercy through Christ in an organised workshop. This allowed the participants to share their personal experience of God’s mercy with others, thus strengthening each other’s faith.

Also present was Seminarian Stephen Esguerra, who urged the youth to take Jesus as the source of inspiration in life and invited them to treat the SYD event as a way to begin a relationship with Jesus.

One of the figures discussed was Pope Francis as he always emphasises on the loving mercy of God.

At the end of the two-day session, Hendricus hold a Question and Answer session with the participants.

Besides briefing on the regulation system during SYD-4, he also reminded them on what was needed to be prepared and brought along for the June 6-10 event. Jainusbon Stephens and Carlson Robert Fong


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