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New Tadika Suriaku opens on Limbanak church compound

Board members water sunflower seeds planted to signify the first day of teaching.
Board members water sunflower seeds planted to signify the first day of teaching.

LIMBANAK – Tadika Suriaku, located on St Aloysius Church compound in Limbanak, opened on 11 Jan 2016 with 25 children and three teaching staff.

The newly opened kindergarten was set up through the concerted efforts of its Board of Governors headed by Mary Joan Puvok and the support of the parishioners.

The kindergarten  serves several villages in the Limbanak Zone which comes under the jurisdiction of the Penampang Parish.

According to a spokesperson of the Archdiocesan Early Children Education Committee (AECEC), Tadika Suriaku is the third Catholic community kindergarten to open in the Penampang Parish.  The other two are Tadika Harmoni at St Michael which opened on 4 Jan 2016 and Tadika Cahaya Harapan at St Augustine Kinarut which opened in January 2015.  The medium of instruction in these kindergartens is English.  They also follow the curriculum set by the Malaysian Education Ministry.

Currently there are 25 Catholic community kindergartens operating in the KK Archdiocese.  A few more are expected to open this year through the AECEC programme.  One of the aims and objectives of the programme is the teaching of catechism and formation of faith in the children.

According to Puvok, Tadika Suriaku hopes to increase the intake of children as it has four classrooms at its disposal for future expansion.  She added that the kindergarten will serve as a “fertile faith-feeder” to the Catholic Mission schools in Penampang. – Blasius Binjua/AECEC

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