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First Christmas Charity Concert receives good response

charity concert

PENAMPANG – St Michael Parish held its inaugural Christmas Charity Concert on 18 Dec 2015 in the church building itself. The idea of a charity concert came from the youths themselves particularly Danny Madalus in view of the current need of the parish. Parish priest Fr Fundes agreed to the idea and authorised the concert to serve dual purpose; for the maintenance of the church’s parish hall and also to welcome and celebrate Christmas.

An organising committee was set up consisting of youths from Penampang and Inobong Parishes. Promotion was done via social media; e-poster were distributed via Facebook, Whatsapp, a set-up blog and also in the local radio stations. Registrations received were mostly via Whatsapp and radio stations.

The one-hour concert was staged in front of the church’s altar. Performers were mostly artists from Kota Kinabalu performing solo, duet and group singing; with a choir from St Michael Church as the opening performance.

It received a good response from the people and was well attended by some 300 people from around Penampang and Kota Kinabalu.

Tickets were sold at RM50 and RM20 depending on the seating arrangement. The funds raised were handed to the parish’s finance committee to be utilised for the hall maintenance.

The event received positive feedbacks from those present and many of them suggested that the event should be held annually.

St Michael youth ministry has a “Gospel Concert” in its pipeline which is tentatively planned for 2016. Further confirmation is yet to be released by the parish. Danny Madalus/CS

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