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IY student likens seminary life to a spiritual workout

apoloniusKOTA KINABALU – Appolonius, one of the 2015 Initiation Year students, likened seminary life to a spiritual workout.  In an interview with CS, he said:

I praise and thank God for this privilege to share my personal experience of Initiation Year in St Peter’s College, Kota Kinabalu, which is also known as ‘Spiritual Year’. For me, IY has been a meaningful and enlightening experience in pursuit of God’s call. Comparing it to my life before entering IY, I said to myself, ‘Would it be more difficult?’ But I had underestimated the challenges that I would be facing.

At first, I experienced difficulties in being diligent in my prayer life, but after a while I began to appreciate it. I’ve learned that prayer is a daily encounter with God, alive and beautiful.  Celebrating Holy Eucharist daily, saying the Divine Office, praying the Rosary together, recollections and others are like a ‘spiritual workout’ that leads me to experience a gradual transformation and a strengthening of  foundation for my vocation.

I have also learned to adjust myself to the IY programmes and new environment that were challenging, not only spiritually but also mentally and physically. Coming from different  backgrounds and personal characters, we have also learned to live together as a community.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Director, Fr Rayner Bisius, formators and spiritual directors for their tireless guidance, support and words of advice. Not forgetting the members of the Women’s League, our generous benefactors, beloved family members and friends for their continuous prayers and support, thank you once again and God bless you abundantly!

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