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KK prelate blesses new tadika at St Patrick Kinuta

Abp Wong chats with the kindergarten children.
Abp Wong chats with the kindergarten children.

KINUTA, Papar – One of the highlights of Abp John Wong’s maiden pastoral visit to St Patrick Kinuta on 7 Nov 2015  was the blessing of its Tadika Sinar Kasih.  The event took place after Mass.  Witnessing the event was Jenifer Anjek, chairperson of the Archdiocesan Early Childhood Education Committee (AECEC), members of the Board of Governors of the tadika, parish priests Fr Thomas Yip and Fr Jalius Sading, pastoral coordinator Sylvester Joseph of Holy Rosary Limbahau, and the Franciscan Sisters of Pace Bene Purak.

Members of St Theresa Sabandil and St Sabina Titimboungou Communities joined the local faithful and the Sunday School children in welcoming the prelate  at the church compound as he arrived to celebrate the Sunset Mass.

Speaking directly and simply from his homily, the prelate called on the people to be faithful in the Word of God (read the Bible), in the Eucharist (receive the Sacrament), in doing His will (live the commandments) and to go and evangelize (go out to share).

After the blessing, all adjourned to a dinner fellowship  at the parish hall.  In his address, Abp Wong commended the board of governors for responding to the challenge of starting a  kindergarten in St Patrick Kinuta. He urged the community to continue to work together and to support the institution.

As a way of encouragement for the kindergarteners, special awards for ‘best attendance’, ‘the friendliest’, and ‘the most supportive friend’ were given out by the archbishop.

The evening was enlivened by several performances by the children. – Lindey Apolonius

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