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Stella Maris Bible Class 2015 students graduate

The students pose with their certificates.
The students pose with their certificates.

TANJUNG ARU – “Many are called but few are chosen.” After 11 months of classes, finally 17 students graduated!

This year the class celebrated  its graduation on Mamutik Island. The students were so thrilled! There were games, birthday celebration, swimming, eating and sharing, and lots of photo taking. It was a happy and sad time for all. Happy because they all graduated and the bonding was awesome! Sad because it was their last gathering together as a Bible class and it would never be the same.

There were tears of joy and sadness as they shared their feelings about the Bible class they had for 10 months.

Maureen asked if they could have continuous Bible classes.  Junior was hopeful that he would achieve his dreams and be back as a facilitator one day.  Zach was full of love for each of his Bible friends and it was so hard to let go.  Aaron was so touched that he wished there would be more activities to bond them all.  So the list went on.

it was also difficult for the facilitators to let go each year. Each year they were privileged to see the students who were different and uniquely gifted. It was their pride to see them grow and be SOMEONE. Knowing that they played a small part of their success, it makes them happy as well!

That’s what it is to serve in God’s Kingdom. One meets different people every year and each year one deals according to His will. To be able to find each year a true blessing and enjoying it as well….that’s the joy of being a facilitator! – Teresa Alberto

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