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Sacred Heart Parish promotes parish feast day with home visitations

IMG-20150605-WA0343 (2)KOTA KINABALU (CS) – Beginning the first Friday of May and ending just before the feast-day weekend, Sacred Heart Parish has launched its home visitations as a means to promote the week-long celebration in conjunction with the parish feast day Jun 8-14.

Besides promoting the parish feast day celebration, these visitations also provided opportune moments for the clergy to better acquaint themselves with the faithful.

Separate teams led by the parish priest or his assistant priests, each assisted and accompanied by 2-3 church leaders and religious, spread out to celebrate Mass in the homes of parishioners where they gathered all the parishioners residing in the same taman, followed by optional fellowship meal.

A total of 48 tamans have been earmarked for these visitations under the care of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, which also include the sub-parish of Church of Mary Immaculate and St Paul Dontozidon.

As the PAX Assembly is scheduled to take place in the latter part of the year, a preparatory questionnaire was also given to the faithful to help the parish to assess the perceptions of current issues faced by parishioners, as well as a means of gathering the views and comments of the localized situation in the parish.  This is to aid the parish to further process their reporting and participation during the assembly.

This is the first time the parish carried out home visitations in a systematic way to promote a parish event.

Here are some feedback on the visitations.

Basil Telado expressed delight in the taman community Mass, saying that it shows that the Church cares for her people in reaching out to those who seldom attend Mass.

Barthlomew Kong opined that having community Mass is good for the families as they could come together and know each other better.  The other important thing is an opportunity to know the Archbishop and the priests of our parish better. It is here that we could also share our problems with them. We could also get to know the new parishioners residing in the taman. I hope this taman community Mass would continue in the coming months.

Patrick Wong said that he loved the community Mass.  It was his first time.  It is a good way to know your neighbourhood.  Becoming closer and sharing points of view on certain issues could not be done while attending normal Mass in church.   It is a great way to get feedback regarding church.
Community Mass is great and should be continued. – (Comments contributed by PFPN)

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