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SMP students brave storm to reach Kota Belud

tyKOTA BELUD – Twenty-eight students and facilitators braved the storm in the early hours (5.30am) of 7 Sep 2014.  Nothing would deter their mission to the Mother of Divine Grace Convent, Kota Belud.   Everyone was on time.  No one complained. The carrying of all the heavy goods for the convent in the heavy rain was not a bother!

Reaching Kota Belud, we celebrated Mass with the local parishioners at St Edmund’s Church.  Fr Federick Raymond was the celebrant and though he had such a tight Sunday schedule, he made time to meet the students from Stella Maris Parish and he blessed them for their coming SPM exams.

Mass over, we adjourned to the hall and had the place prepared for brunch, which was shared with the Convent girls.  The momentum to mingle and know each other was shy and slow.  Introductions were made but after the first synergy, there was no need for any more bonding…it was just natural!  Jillian was the leader of the day, she had all the games planned and the winners had prizes as well.  Both locals and visitors were having great fun, which was evident from the loud laughter!

After the sharing of gifts of love, the girls visited the hostel and photo taking took place before heading for home.  Everyone was tired but high in spirit as each one has worked very hard for the outreach project.

This year’s students happened to have good business sense!   They managed to raise RM900 to pay for the bus by selling muffins, which they baked themselves, after Mass.  They also sold accessory badges (designed by them) and sold them after Mass over two Sundays. The large amount of provisions for the Kota Belud convent was puchased from this year’s lent appeal collected from the JWG secondary students.

Where there is God there is Love!  They prayed and put into action – and in each step of the way they always have God in their hearts!

When they met the Convent girls – their hearts were not only filled with joy and love, but they are truly grateful for the gifts of love, life and light! – Teresa Alberto

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