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You COULD BE attracted to this … Take a brief look at the journey of faith in the Seminary as shared by Dafrinn Diwo

It has been more than four years since I entered formation for the priesthood.  I have never seen God with my own eyes or touched Him, but I strongly believe that He is there, somewhere beyond my knowledge.  I know that He is ominpresent.  I realize that He is here, working on me even as I am reflecting on all my experiences and letting my heart be guided by the Holy Spirit.  “The Spirit will guide you into all truth.”  (John 16:13)  I just need to surrender myself to the Spirit of God.

I began the formation for priesthood in 2009 when I entered Aspirancy Year, which emphasized on the study of the English Language and community living.  I moved on to Initiation Year where I was exposed to pre-major seminary courses that stress on spiritual life.  The next stage at St Peter’s College (SPC), which is a major seminary located in Kuching,  prepares me for the study of Philosophy (2 years) and Theology (4 years).  I have just embarked on the 1st year of Theological studies.

There is a saying which is true:  “Learning process will never end.”  For me, my learning process will not end in the seminary!  I need to continue to study by myself, and to keep on gaining knowledge for the betterment of the people of God whom I hope to serve one day.

As my formation deepens, the courses are more challenging.  At times, I almost want to give up my vocation.  I see myself unworthy for priesthood, especially in terms of academic study.

As I recalled my school days, my academic level for SPM was just “cukup makan ja”!  I am not a fast learner but I can manage it with effort.

My 1st year of Theological studies has been very difficult.  As I read the notes over and over again, understanding slowly but surely came.  I noticed that as I gave all my difficulties to God and let Him work in me, my enthusiasm level rose.  I knew I just need to put effort into my study, which I did using any free time that I had for study and prayers.

Countless times I have prayed to God, asking Him to show the right path.  His words “Where is your faith?” (Lk 8:25) and “Have faith in God.” (Mk 11:22) touched me and urged me on.

At the beginning of the year, SPC would organize an in-house liturgy for Holy Week and Easter.  It is done so as to expose the students more fully to the liturgical services and for a better understanding of why the Church celebrates it.  The Year-3 students are usually put in charge to organize it

However, for 2013, there were only the two of us in Year 3 and 17other junior students.  In addition, I was also College student leader.  I thought I would not manage it.  But, when our turn came to organize it, we did it!

Reflecting on this experience, I realize that everything will be fine as long as I have faith in God, no matter the difficulties or the joys. 

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