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David Tan shares his faith journey

My journey of faith begins with my first encounter with Christ which subsequently led to my conversion to become a Catholic. I was baptised in Easter 2005. Before then I was a pagan worshipping idols, seeking feng sui masters when things were not right and keeping talismans for protection and luck. I was a worldly person in every sense, seeking status and power which turned me into an arrogant and self-centred person.

Several mishaps happened in my life. As I look back, I believe it was God’s way of drawing me to Himself, but all of which I had consistently ignored, except for one incident of a bad fall. The excruciating pain wrung out from within me a cry for help “God help me!”

A compressed vertebrae and being encased in a plaster cast put me out of mobility for several weeks. It was during this time of immobility that I started to ponder on my life, on the many uncertainties, and the numerous what-if questions. I felt empty and helpless, There didn’t seem to be any answers in sight.

At this time too, encouraged by my wife I learned to pray the prayer of Rosary. People unknown to me, together with relatives, came and prayed with me. Before long, I felt an urge and desire to know more about Jesus, which led me to sign up for RCIA.

RCIA served as the platform for me to begin my journey of faith to discover Christ and to grow in intimacy with Him. After baptism, my faith journey took on a more solid form in daily Masses, Blessed Sacrament adoration, and faith-building seminars and activities organized by the Church. I realized the importance of support in order for faith to grow and so attached myself to various groups and ministries.

The Alpha Course program, Liturgical Ministry and the RCIA opened up various areas of service, and as I gave of myself to serve, my faith grew in tandem. As I shared with others my personal experiences and relationship with God, I found that it helped them to better grasp the love and mercy of God.

Becoming a member of the Light of Jesus Christ Covenant Community has developed a more focused way of Christian lifestyle that revolves around a regime of daily prayers and study of the Word of God, praise and worship, formational teachings and sharing of life in little ‘cells’. This lifestyle has brought awareness of how weak I am and how much I need the support of believers to keep me from straying as well as staying out of temptations way.

In this Year of Faith, the many programs and catecheses organized by the parish have started me on a journey to re-discover faith. Among other things learned during this time, learning the way of prayer through the Divine Office has further strengthened my daily prayer life.

Having entered through the “door of faith” which is always open for me and ushers me into communion with God and His Church, I believe I am set out on a journey that will last my lifetime. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I pray that the renewal of my faith and my life as a believer would serve as a faithful and authentic witness.


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