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A new Vatican monthly magazine ‘with the poor’

The first edition of the “Osservatore di Strada” is due to be published on 29 June, giving voice to those whose voices are often ignored.

On the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, on Wednesday, 29 June, after the Holy Father’s recitation of the Angelus prayer, L’Osservatore Romano’s new monthly magazine will be distributed among the faithful in St Peter’s Square.

L’Osservatore di Strada”, (Osservatore of the Street), is a newspaper conceived and produced by employees of the Dicastery for Communication, working in close collaboration with the poor.

The project intends to give voice to those who are usually not listened to: the poor, people wounded by life, and those who are maginalised and excluded.

The newspaper seeks to restore and recognize the right to speak of those whom contemporary society treats as ‘rejects’, highlighting the heritage of experience, knowledge and values of which they are the custodians.

On Tuesday, the day before the first publication, the Osservatore di Strada was presented by representatives of the Dicastery for Communication, in the Holy See Press Office.

Piero Di Domenticantonio, the paper’s coordinator, presented the project, along with Andrea Monda, Director of the Osservatore Romano, and Andrea Tornielli, Editorial Director of the Dicastery for Communication.

The trio explained that the monthy magazine wil be published on the first Sunday of each month, both in print and online. The distribution of hard copies will take place every Sunday, after the Pope’s Angelus, near St Peter’s Square.

Along with volunteers, some of the guests of Palazzo Migliori, which offers a roof to many people without one, will be put in charge of the distribution of the magazines. They will also keep any of offerings received in exchange for their distribution work – although the newspaper will be distributed free of charge.

L’Osservatore di Strada aims to give the poor and marginalised a space to express themselves, through drawing, telling a story or expressing an opinion.

Through the help of experts, everyone will be given a chance to contribute, so that everyone can be on the same level, given the same dignity and the same respect.

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SOURCE: Vatican News by Francesca Merlo

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