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At Long Last: New Catholic Archdiocesan Centre (CAC) Ready for Occupation

AFTER stalling for about a year, the long-awaited day for the Kota Kinabalu diocesan staff to begin work from the new Centre has been announced.

With almost all the facilities installed and the completed infrastructure in place, KK Archbishop John Wong finally gave the green light for the staff to move into the new Catholic Archdiocese Centre .

The new Catholic Archdiocesan Centre (CAC) of the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu will begin its operations at Jalan Sang Kancil Tiga, Karamunsing, 88300 Kota Kinabalu on 2 June 2021.

The 9.6 million ringgit building, with a striking semblance of long-gone colonial architecture, took some 17 months to complete. However, the approval certifying that the building is safe for human habitation was only obtained in September 2020.

Although both the office and soft furnishings were already in place by end of 2020, there were still a few technical glitches that needed to be cleared, the main concern being the internet and WIFI connections.

The move to the Centre also met with a setback when the MCO disrupted work on the final stage of connecting the buildings to the main water supply.

The iconic building boasts of a three-level office block and a two-level block that houses a 300-capacity auditorium, an archive, a resource library and data office.

The office block consists of the Archbishop’s office and its support offices, a prayer room , the Catholic Bookstore, the Catholic Sabah office, the offices of the various Commissions and 10 meeting/seminar/counselling rooms including an AV room.  

The CAC is served by 29 full-time staff and some volunteers for the Commissions.

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