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The Online Advent Calendar 2020

The Online Advent Calendar is an initiative by the  Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference.  Its offers resources for the parish, school and for families which can be accessed behind a virtual door each day during the season of Advent. Behind each door there will be content aimed at assisting people to pray and to reflect on how best we can keep Christ at the centre of our Christmas preparations during this special liturgical season. 

Click here to access the Online Advent Calendar.   It will go live on the First Sunday of Advent 29 November 2020 after 8:00AM. 

By clicking on a virtual door we are invited to take just five minutes for reflection so as to find moments of peace and to rediscover the true meaning of Advent and Christmas. 

Thanks to for having granted us permission to adopt and link to their Online Advent  Calendar.  


Advent Eco Calendar 2020


The Office of Human Development (Climate Change desk) of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC) has prepared an ‘Advent Eco Calendar ‘based on the Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, encouraging all of us to unite for the care of our common home.

 A relevant paragraph from the Encyclical and some practical suggestions, with a blend of reflective, contemplative, and action-oriented activities, are indicated for each day during Advent. The suggested activities can be carried out personally, with family members or with Church community.

Feel free to download the Advent Eco Calendar  below in your preferred language.

Advent – Christmas Kit 2020, prepared by the Diocese of Penang and uploaded with permission, can be downloaded below in your preferred languages:

Have a meaningful and fruitful Season of Advent 2020!

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