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Together we have built 95 percent of the Catholic Centre

Facade of the Office Building looks almost complete on Nov 6

“TOGETHER we can make dreams come true… your prayers as well as your invaluable and generous contribution will indeed be crucial in helping to make the Catholic Centre a reality” said Archbishop John Wong at the launch of the Catholic Centre project on 22 July 2017.

The “dream” has become a 95-percent reality over a span of 24 months (including earthworks and piling), and is slated to be completed by end of December 2019. The architect is hopeful to secure the Occupation Certificate by then.

The contractor confirmed that they are in the midst of clearing up and doing some final touch-up.

However, the last moments of any significant effort are always the most difficult, as is in the last lap of a race the last mile is always the hardest. Yet the strength to finish comes from knowing how far you have come.

The fund raised to date stands at RM8.4 million as against the project cost of RM9.6 million. The victorious accomplishment of the Catholic Centre far surpasses the strain of finishing the last lap of raising RM1.2 million.

Fundraising chairman Willie Wong therefore urges one and all to press on to take on the last mile and complete the task of building the Catholic Centre. Donations/cheques are to be made payable to “RTDKK-THE CATHOLIC CENTRE BUILDING FUND”.

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