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St Mary Kionsom LOM adds two new members

KIONSOM, Inanam – The Legion of Mary Chapter from St Mary Chapel here is actively recruiting members to join its religious and community programs lined up for the coming year in the area.

Headed by Mary Chung, the LOM, which was established with just a handful of members years ago, today had grown to more than 30 active members.

The members had been grouped into smaller sub-committees, which are tasked with specific activities to serve the many Catholics living in the neighbouring villages.

Chung told CS that the chapter is actively helping the Church to spread the Word of God, while at the same time reaching out to Catholics living in the far flung region of Inanam, some of which can only be reached by hours of walking along jungle paths.

“We visit the marginalized and the sickly, not only to bring them assistance, but to make them feel that they are not forgotten, and to lift up their spirit and sustain their faith in God by praying with them,” Chung said.

The LOM chief also disclosed that Catholics warded and on medical treatment at the hospital were also not forgotten. They made it a point to visit, offering prayers for them at their hospital bedside.

Mary said the chapter is fortunate to have the guidance of parish priests Fr David Sham, Fr Mitchelly Kuin and Fr Mattheus Luta, which has made the running of their programs smoother.

The chapter holds its meeting at 4.00 pm every Sunday at St Mary Chapel, whose construction was fully sponsored by the Chung family. The Chapel also has a hall and a space for the mission kindergarten, Tadika Merpati Putih.

During its meeting on 2 Dec 2018, the chapter welcomed two new members Darwin Durahim and Mui Lin. The ceremony was witnessed by Fr Luta, who had earlier presided the Sunday Mass at the chapel. – Joe Bingkasan

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