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Stella Maris has a new V-M Logo

TANJUNG ARU – A prize presentation for the Vision & Mission Logo design competition for Stella Maris Parish was held at parish priest Msgr Primus Jouil’s office in Stella Maris here on 20 Sept 2018.

The winners from each category were Theodore Zachary Tuining (Primary), Arthur Gilbert Sulin (Secondary) and Denver James (Open & Overall winner), who were present to receive their prizes.

Three judges (Margaret Mary Hector Jintoni, Deanna Maria Mijin and Madeline Simban) from their respective field of Art were invited to choose the winners of each category and also the overall winner to conceive the official logo for the Vision & Mission of Stella Maris Parish Tg Aru.

The Vision & Mission Logo is part of assistant rector Fr Peter Abas’ plan for a parish V&M, who spearheaded the V&M process, resulting in a vision of “A Christ-centred parish family journeying together – strengthened by the Holy Spirit and empowered by the Word of God in creating an evangelizing community”.

The process commenced in August 2017 with a representation of all ministries and parish priests. With the V&M basing on family and being Christ-centred, Stella Maris now has a common direction for all ministries, parish priests and parishioners. – SOCCOM SMP

The meaning behind the various elements of the Logo are:

Eight-pointed Star Symbol of Our Lady Star of the Sea with golden rays from the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady Star of the Sea carrying baby Jesus in blue color.

The Bible represents the Word of God and forms the sail of a ship.

Blue wavy horizontal lines represent the sea water where the ship with parishioners journeying together through stormy or calm situations.

The golden color chalice and host represents the Eucharist, which is the source of life for us. It is high aloft on the ship sail which is the Bible.

The pair of palms-up represent our acceptance of the Word of God and the Eucharist as we journey together as Christ-centred family.

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