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St Victor Chapel launches new logo

PORING PORING, Inanam – St Victor Chapel launched its new logo in conjunction with the feast of St Victor of Marseilles on 21 July 2018.

St Victor Chapel is one of the remote chapels under the parish of St Catherine Church Inanam.

The Mass, which was presided by Fr Mitchelly Kiun, was attended by more than 150 parishioners.

Fr Mitchelly Kiun called on the parishioners to emulate the courage of St Victor to defend his faith and becoming a martyr for the sake of his faith.

St Victor was a Christian officer in the emperor’s troops.  He served under Roman Emperor Maximian (286- 305). He was discovered as adhering to the Christian faith and publicly denounced the worship of idols.   For that, he was brought before the Roman prefects, Asterius and Eutychius, who later sent him to the emperor. He was dragged through the streets, racked, beaten and thrown into prison where he converted three guards, Alexander, Felician, and Longinus to Christianity. After the guards were beheaded, he was again tortured and commanded to offer incense to the statue of Jupiter.  With a kick of his foot he overthrew it.  The emperor chopped off his foot, and ordered that he be put to death by being ground under a millstone.  The millstone broke while Victor was still breathing, and the order was given for him to be beheaded.

His body was buried by Christians in a grotto hewn out of the rock.  Great miracles were wrought at St Victor’s tomb or by his intercession. – Michael Guntili

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