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SHC group leaders attend update on renovation works

A section of the attendees listening attentively to the presenter during the update given to group leaders of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish at the parish centre, 19 Apr 2018.

KOTA KINABALU – Over 60 group leaders and members of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish here attended an update on renovation works and other matters at the parish centre on 19 Apr 2018.

Anthony Lim, chairman of the parish finance council, updated the audience on the renovation works carried out at the parish centre since 2016, using the proceeds from the bazaar that year.

Completed renovation works included electrical rewiring, replacement of faulty main pipe (2016), roofing and gutter system, construction of storage rooms and passageway, repainting, renovated meeting rooms on first floor, and installation of two giant fans in the hall (2017).

In early 2018, overhauling of PA system and video link upgrade between cathedral and hall were done and two LCD screens were installed in the hall.

The other works to be done in 2018 will be the PA system in the meeting rooms and hall as well as the external repainting of the hall.

Lim then appealed to the attendees for cooperation among their members in the use and maintenance of the parish centre facilities such as aircon units and motorised screens (F6, F7, F8), and to observe no-food-drink-rule inside meeting rooms, and other rules.

He also gave a brief update on the progress of the construction of the new Catholic Centre.  He said the earthworks have been completed.  Piling works are scheduled to begin at the end of May until the end of July.  The main building construction will then begin until November 2019.

However, he said, instead of RM1m quota, the quota has been raised to RM2.5m for the cathedral parish.  And that led to the upcoming fundraising bazaar on June 10 in aid of the building fund.

Anita Tunggolou, chairperson of the parish fundraising committee, announced the allocation of bazaar stalls to the different groups, communities, ministries based on the 2016 data.  The target is RM300,000.

In his closing remarks, Archbishop John Wong thanked everyone for their presence, gave a brief background on the decision to build the Catholic Centre, and urged everyone to play their part in the building of this landmark of the archdiocese.

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