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Liturgical camp attracts 25 children

TAWAU : Some 25 children, aged  5 -12 years participated in a two-day Liturgical Camp, organised by St Stephen Tass Catechetical team led by Elsie Gabriel and assisted by a few Sunday school facilitators on 3 4 Feb 2018.

The organising team took the initiative to bring together the Sunday school children to stay overnight at the church to focus and experience a night of being ‘missing’ from their parents and learn to stay with their peers as a small community.

In the ice-breaker, the children were divided into six groups, to learn teamwork and to nurture the spirit of kindness and trust.

Mario Domingo and Julita Kantod of Tawau Family Life Ministry gave the inputs on the Mass, stressing on its importance in the life of the Church.

The children were attentive and participated actively in the 90-minute talk. They asked questions and the answers provided, reinforced their knowledge and understanding of what they have heard and learned.

A session on the necessity of Sunday School was also presented.

An excursion nearby was one of the activities organised at the camp.- Mario Domingo

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