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Korean community has accepted three local vocations as postulants

Sabah’s first three postulants for the Korean institute R-L: Chaistten James of Penampang, Walter Martin of Kiulu, and Jefson Richard of Sook pose for the camera, 8 Dec 2017, Pace Bene Purak.

KOTA KINABALU – The Korean religious institute Societas Sancti Trinitas (Clerical Society of the Most Holy Trinity) of Mirinae South Korea has accepted three local vocations as postulants.

The trio – Chaistten James of Penampang, 28; Walter Martin of Kiulu, 28; and Jefson Richard of Sook, 20 – left for South Korea for their formation on 10 Dec 2017.

Initial formation entails a two-year postulancy and a two-year novitiate before first profession, and three years of juniorate before final profession, after which the candidates will either opt to be ordained or remain as Brothers.

The institute runs Woori Jib (Tokou Hamin=Our Home), St Francis Xavier Home Potuki for children at Kg Patikar Jalan Papar-Penampang since 2016 under  Father Leo Choi Sangki.

The home, run and financed by the Clerical Society was the brainchild of Fr Leo Choi Sangki, who saw the need to build a home for needy orphans in the state after serving the Korean community here in the last ten years or so. He is the spiritual director, project consultant and architect of Hamin Tokou Sabah projects.

The home is named after St Francis Xavier, the patron of the missions, and Father Francis Xavier Tjeong, who founded the society in 1976.

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