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English class ends programme with trip to Serinsim Park

The group poses for the camera when they reach Serinsim Park Kota Marudu, 12 Oct 2017.

KOTA MARUDU – After a year of learning English, a group of learners from St Peter Claver Parish decided to celebrate the completion of their “English for Beginners” programme with a two-day trip to Serinsim Park here on 12-13 Oct 2017.

The group was accompanied by their tutors, the parish staff, SOCCOM members, Franciscan Sister Caroline Duli, and OFM Friar Aiden Peter Jr.

The trip was filled with laughter, jokes, splashes, barbeque, companionship, singing, hiking, prayer and sharing.

“We had a fantastic time. We all really enjoyed the event and everyone had great fun. The location was also excellent and it really suited us. The food was addictively delicious – all in all, it worked out very well and we were very happy with the thanksgiving event,” Sr Caroline said.

The parish organised the course from July 2016 to August 2017 for 40 participants.  However, only 12 were able to graduate from it.

Hilda Lajip, one of the participants, said she realised how fun writing can be in a different language.

“I’ve learned different writing techniques which are currently helping me. The writing techniques I have learned so far are how to organise and plan a paper which is comprehensible, related to subject matter and logical to the readers. I also have learned how to analyse, critique and evaluate resources, and finally how to express and translate the main idea of a subject matter. I strongly believe it is very beneficial for all of us. Because not only this course prepares you for your academic writing, but they also teach and prepare you well for your future. I would like to thank all my tutors for all their hard work, and making writing in a different language more fun for me and my classmates,” said Lajip.

Rayner Sausun also shared that it can be both easy and fun to learn English grammar if one goes about it with a positive attitude, an open mind and a clear goal for the learning experience.

For example, he said, what is the purpose of the student who wants to learn English grammar? Is it for school or to enhance work opportunities in the global economy? In order to succeed at work, it is almost a necessity to learn English grammar if one wants to be part of the greater global economy. In addition, if one wishes to attend school in an English-speaking country, one needs to understand the English language and learn English grammar in a way that will allow him or her to communicate with native English speakers both effectively and professionally.

Sausun added that a goal needs to be set as far as the time commitment that will be necessary to learn English grammar.

Friar Aiden Peter Jr  used the opportunity to reflect on the benefit of learning another language.

He said, “There are lots of good reasons to learn English, from the professional to the personal. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and more than 67 countries have English as their official or native language, more than any other language in the world. The majority of electronic communication is in English – being able to read and write emails is a big advantage. In addition, learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement and fulfilment. Some of the world’s best music, films, and TV shows are in English. Understanding the language will give you a better appreciation of these cultural highlights. Furthermore, speaking English will help you meet all kinds of people and make great friends especially with Ranau being a tourist spot. I hope that the English programme will continue to be a perfect jewel of an experience for all.”  – friar aiden peter jr ofm

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