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KL Archdiocese establishes deaf ministry

PETALING JAYA – A ministry for the deaf has been established in the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese. With the support of Archbishop Julian Leow, a Catholic group of hearing sign language interpreters and the deaf have set up a channel to bring deaf Catholics back to Christ. This channel is called “Catholic Ministry for the Deaf” (CMDeaf).

The core objectives of CMDeaf are three-fold:
1. Demographics on the whereabouts of the deaf Catholics in the KL archdiocese.
2. Reaching out to the deaf by inviting them into the CMDeaf family.
3. Journeying with the deaf for their faith growth.

To facilitate an effective channel of communication, the group has started a website,, for the deaf to read more about them. Once a deaf Catholic logs on, she/ he will need to fill up a survey form. CMDeaf will then extend an invitation for them to get to know other deaf Catholics who are already in their community.

Currently, there are activities that have been made available for the deaf to live their faith fully.
They are:
1. RCIA — The class is conducted in sign language by trained catechists.
2. Monthly Signed Mass — The entire Mass is celebrated in sign language.
3. Weekly Interpreted Mass.
4. Preparation for the Sacraments, like Marriage and Confession.
5. Monthly Faith Formation Programme
6. Social Gathering.

In the website, there is also a two-minute video on some of their activities.

There is also a facebook page “SFX PJ reach deaf connection” to help the deaf understand the weekly gospel reading explained in Sign Language.

Brochures on the group and its objectives have been placed in the church racks.

The team is appealing for help in identifying deaf Catholics in any part of the KL Archdiocese.

They sincerely hope that with this initiative, they can bring more deaf faithful back to the Catholic Church. – herald

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