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Youth programme carried out in three outstation chapels

LIMBAHAU – Belia Masuk Kampung (BMK) programme involving 53 youths from Limbahau parish was carried out in three outstation chapels of St Nicholas Molonsi, St Anthony Bolotikon and St Theresa of Avilla Kogopon on 8-10 June 2017.

The BMK programme required long-distance walking from one chapel to another one. So far,  all those who signed up for the programme had shown their commitment to bring the Good News to each village that they were going.

Sandra, one of the participants, said she has never imagined she would walk such a long way especially to a new place.

“Actually, I didn’t expect that we would be walking from Bolotikon to Molonsi and back to Bolotikon again then to Kogopon (all in three days). At first, I thought I would not be able to walk that far but along the journey, I was happy and enthusiastic to reach the place and share the Good News,” said Sandra.

The youths also had the opportunity to visit a few families who have left the church for a long time due to certain factors, for example, their remote location far inside the interior. One of the families said they were grateful and happy for the visit by the youths who shared the Good News with them.

One of those visited acknowledged that it was not easy to go back to the church after a long leave.  He said it needed an open heart and cooperation from those concerned.Elsa Andrew & Dazsler Nigel Jerry

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