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Vocation promo draws 151 youths

KINARUT – This year’s Vocation Sunday saw a big turnout as 151 youths and visitors came for the vocation promotion talk on 7  May 2017 at St Augustine community hall here.

The event was jointly organised by the diocesan aspirants and Friends of St John Vianney (FSJV) with the theme “Here I am, send me” (Is 6:8).

Talks on diocesan priesthood with exhibitions on the priestly life were held concurrently with the talks on the consecrated life by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

FSJV, on the other hand, took the opportunity to organise a mini funfair in aid of the formation of  seminarians and aspirants.

In his homily, Father Wilfred Atin highlighted  God’s faithfulness and love as the Good Shepherd.  He urged the young people to follow the Good Shepherd by considering the call to priesthood and religious life.  He disclosed that there is still a shortage of priests to serve in the outstations and other parishes. He introduced the aspirants, and explained the role of  FSJV as benefactors of seminarians and aspirants.

Seminarian Russell Lawrine showed a video on the diocesan priesthood. He encouraged all young people to consider their calling in life.

Aspirant Xavier Maurice shared his vocation journey and his life at the Catholic Archdiocesan Centre Formation House. Through his involvement in church activities, he has been enabled to say “Yes” to God and enter CAC.

Aspirant Freddy shared his vocation journey as well, describing a sense of fulfillment and the fun aspect of life in CAC.

Franciscan Sister Tina introduced her congregation and its contribution to the Sabah dioceses and abroad while Sister Clara Diana of Kinarut shared her vocation story and encouraged the young girls not to be afraid to answer the call.  She joined the FSIC  in 2013 and made her first profession as a sister this year.  She asked all present to pray for her that she would persevere in her vocation.

During the Question and Answer session,  the speakers were able to satisfy the curiosity of the attendees and answered their questions on work experiences, the need for academic qualifications and late vocations. Timothy G


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