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Papar-Limbahau prepares for journalism workshop

Ann Marie presents her topic to the members at the final meeting in Papar, 20 Feb 2017.

PAPAR – Members of SOCCOM Papar-Limbahau had their final meeting at St Joseph here on 20 Feb 2017 in preparation for the basic journalism workshop to be held on Feb 25-26.

It would be the first project of the social communications committee since its inception on 15 Dec 2016, itself a fruit of attending the Journalism Training Workshop for Catholic Writers organised by the Archdiocesan Social Communications Commission on 10-11 Dec 2016.

A new member of the committee is Benjamin Dantoi of St Kenneth Kelatuan, a former air traffic controller with Malaysian Airlines.

The workshop, to be held at Holy Rosary Limbahau, has attracted 35 potential participants from both parishes.

The two-day workshop will be facilitated by the members themselves, based on what they had learnt from the workshop in Tanjung Aru: news writing, sources of news, photography, doing interviews, Catholic Sabah, Archdiocesan Website, and dealing with non-Catholic news.

The objective of the workshop is to create awareness of SOCCOM functions in churches and chapels and to liaise with SOCCOM at parish and archdiocesan level. – William Charles Mindus / SOCCOM Papar- Limbahau

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