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Malaysian bishops call for a national day of prayer

KUALA LUMPUR –  The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia has called for all parishes in Malaysia to organise a prayer vigil from 7.30pm to 10.30pm on February 24 to pray for greater hope, unity and mercy.

The bishops acknowledge the rapidly changing world that they live in and the challenges the people face living as Christians in Malaysia.  They noted:

We need to respond to these challenges by standing up for our faith. Let us also be aware of what is happening in our surroundings and our country at large.

Let us reach out to those who are marginalised, let us lift the oppressed, let us find justice for the persecuted, let us be a voice for the voiceless and let us bring hope to those in despair.

Parish priests are to announce at the Mass the importance of this gathering and night of prayer and intercession for our nation. This also inlcudes all religious houses.

No other activities are to be organised in the parishes on same day and specified time. (heraldmalaysiaonline).

However, Sacred Heart Cathedral Karamunsing will hold the vigil prayer on Thursday Feb 23 from 7 pm – 9 pm.

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