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Cathedral parish celebrates Chap Goh Mei with a fellowship gathering

One of the parishioners receive a gift from Abp Wong (L) at the Chap Goh Mei gathering, 12 Feb 2017, SHPC.

KOTA KINABALU – Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish here celebrated Chap Goh Mei with a fellowship gathering at its parish centre on 12 Feb 2017.

Around 500 people turned up for the gathering organised by the Chinese Coordinating Committee headed by Oliver Kong.  Chap Goh Mei or 15th day of the first month marks the end of the lunar new year festivities.

Among those present were Archbishop John Wong, retired Archbishop John Lee, Msgr Nicholas Ong of Sandakan Diocese, Father Cosmas Lee, Father David Sham, Father Paul Lo, the four assistant pastors, the aspirants and seminarians, the religious, and members of the parish pastoral council.

The event began with a drum display by Archbishop John Wong, followed by a longer display by the three young drummers – Frankie and Brian Wong, Jessica Liew – who also gave a drum performance before the Lunar New Year Mass on Jan 28.

In his brief speech, Abp Wong welcomed those who came and thanked all those involved in the organising of the event.

After dinner, Abp Wong distributed gifts to the senior parishioners (aged 75 and above), priests and religious.

Both prelates distributed angpows to the children, single youth and adults, including the aspirants and seminarians.  The priests and religious also received angpows from Abp Wong.

The entertainment programme included a variety of performances from the children, youth and adults, and a lion dance.

The event ended with a prayer- blessing by Abp Wong after the lion dance performance.



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