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Ranau mission school needs urgent infrastructure rebuilding, says BOG

Fr Stephen (second right) and others interact with pupils studying inside a dilapidated classroom during the school’s physical inspection.

RANAU – The newly formed Board of Governors (BOG) for SK St Benedict Ranau are calling for individuals and organisations to help resolve the school’s ailing condition for the benefit of all, especially the school children here.

The school’s BOG Advisor, Father Nicholas Stephen said on 11 Jan 2017 that there is an urgent need to rebuild the infrastructures in SK St Benedict because it lacks many decent infrastructures despite being located within the town area.

“Today we held a meeting between the teachers, Headmistress and the BOG in SK St Benedict to get to know each other better apart from discussing the school’s development as well as challenges faced by the teachers here,” he said.

Among the issues identified was the lack of classrooms.  Father Stephen said although the maximum number for each class is 35, many classes have over 40 students.

The priest said the other concerns included the need to replace  a 50-year-old building “where parts of the wall planks have disintegrated,” another old building sandwiched between two recent buildings with unpleasant ventilation, and the need to upgrade the teachers’ room, the resource centre, the teachers’ quarters, school field and fence, and parking area.

He expressed the hope that a new three-storey building would be built to replace all the old buildings so that there will only be a single morning session before 2019.

Towards that end, Fr Stephen urged all parties especially the government, political and local community leaders, corporate bodies and NGOs, SK St Benedict alumni, well-wishers to use their special authority and power to contribute in the transformation of the school.

Among those present were Winnie Awang, headmistress,  and other BOG members: Georgina George, Adrian Nassiun, Jimmy Kan, Anthony Ebin and Martina Marius. – Clarence G Dol

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