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Challenges do not hamper Stella Maris carollers

TANJUNG ARU – Challenges did not hamper Stella Maris carollers.

Fifty Stella Maris carollers came together in one spirit to spread the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ to almost 50 families in Tanjung Aru, Putatan and Likas on 6-18 Dec 2016 in spite of inclement weather, transportation difficulties and members being involved in the Kota Kinabalu Christmas Celebration at Padang Merdeka on Dec 13 and 15.

This year the carollers were joined by the Boys Brigade, a way of exposing them to the society’s programme through youth development activities in the parish.

“In this modern IT world where tablets and smartphones are used everywhere, I hope more of the young people will put aside their technology and come forward to serve others rather than being served,” said Jeremy Chin who headed the carollers. Jeremy Chin/Jane Lajami

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