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Local thoughts on new saint Mother Teresa

paul-loFr Paul Lo: I came to know Mother Teresa of Calcutta through a book titled “Let the high wall fall down” by a Taiwanese Professor Li Jia Tong. Mother Teresa was truly a saint even when she was still alive, because of her exemplary service to the poorest of the poor on the streets of the crowded Indian city. No one can give his or her life like the way Mother Teresa did unless he or she was graced by God. Personally, her words help me a lot to be a pastor, “We are called not to be successful, but to be faithful.”

Br Peter Foo fsc: When I look at Mother Teresa and what she did, she challenges all religious to relook at their ministries and evaluate them in the light of the realities today. As religious we can be in our comfort zone and not be able to see how the Spirit moves us to new ways of serving him today. It is not easy both for the religious as well as for the order to update and evaluate our ministries. Mother Teresa shows us that it is possible provided we dare to make the move.

teresa-albertoTeresa Alberto:  She is an inspiration. Her life, her words, her faith. How she trusts God fully. How she has a special relationship with God. How she devotes her life to God. To be aware of such a saintly being living during my time, and to know that God is so real, and with HIM all is possible…makes my life even more meaningful!

joe-leongJoseph Leong: I had always looked up to Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II as living saints while they were alive. Their ways of life inspired me tremendously and helped me see things in a totally different light. For instance, by human logic, it is quite pointless to worry and give too much care and attention to the dying. Yet, she opened a Home for the Dying, allowing those near death to spend their last days with dignity and surrounded by compassion. Moreover, she showed such love without any distinction on race or religion, allowing those who followed other faiths to receive burial rites and rituals appropriate to their beliefs. I learnt from her that love transcends all barriers.

Jason Joenoi: Reflecting on the life of Mother Teresa, she truly lived her calling, true to Jesus’ desire for His followers, to serve the poor, the destitute, the sick and the homeless, with a big heart despite the hardship and challenges, never giving up. She is a real modern day saint of the poor, sick, homeless and the destitute. She inspires me to give my all!

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