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Report on media and family life in Malaysia presented to RCSC delegates

KUALA LUMPUR – In line with its theme Media, a Fruitful Encounter and Its Influence in the Family, the 11 delegates to the Regional Commission for Social Communications (RCSC) listened to a report on the media and family life in Malaysia presented by Raymund Jagan.  The three-day meet was held at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute in Kuala Lumpur on 20-23 June 2016.

In his report, Jagan said:

general_mobiles_4gOur lives have changed profoundly with the rapid changes in communications technology.  Just as television turned a nation of people who listened to media content into watchers of media content, the emergence of social media has created a nation of media content creators and distributors.  Social media enable enable users to create and share content or to network with large groups of people through the Internet.

According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission in their 2015 report:
Population at the end of 2015 – 30,680,000
Average household size – 4 members (7,483,000 households)

The broadband penetration rate for households is 77.3%
The mobile cellular penetration rate is 143.8% (many have more than 1 hand phone)
The fixed telephone penetration rate is 14.6% (going down)

Households with access to a personal computer – 21.8%
Households with access to a laptop – 52.8%
Households with access to a tablet – 34.1%
Households with access to a television – 97.7%
The pay TV penetration rate – 73.2% (leads to ‘audience fragmentation’ – viewers choose what they want to see from a myriad of choices)
The majority of internet users are between the ages 15-35

For full report click Media and Family Life in Malaysia

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