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CFM condemns use of incendiary term to describe Malaysians who oppose hudud enactments


PETALING JAYA – The Christian Federation of Malaysia issued a statement on 2 July 2016 condemning the use of an incendiary term to describe Malaysians who oppose the enactment of hudud.  Below is the statement:

The Christian community strongly condemns the use of the incendiary term ‘kafir harbi‘ (which is used to describe unbelievers at war with Islam), but now applied on all Malaysians who oppose hudud enactments. Questioning, doubting, or rejecting any change in laws or policy – such as with establishing hudud – is the fundamental constitutional right of all Malaysians. Hudud is a small part of the Syariah, not even constantly or consistently applied throughout the history of Islam. So how can such Malaysians be designated as enemies of Islam?

It is regrettable that a state mufti, the most senior Islamic cleric of a state and who is also a public servant, uses the term without a thought as to what it may conjure up in the minds of Malaysians.

We appreciate that some Muslims have spoken out strongly against this extremism in our midst and this has heartened many of us who live in multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia. We should celebrate our diversity if we are to remain united as a nation and all forms of bigotry, racism and divisiveness should be condemned.

We need an active and pro-active Department of National Unity and National Integration to work hard at maintaining the peace of our nation. We are dismayed by the silence over the years as our society is hit by the divisive issues of race and religion. We need strong leadership from our Prime Minister and his government to quell all manner of divisive rhetoric that come at us in this season of our nation’s history.

We are also mindful that the police are now investigating and we hope this matter will be attended to swiftly and the investigative results made public as soon as it is completed.

All Malaysians need to work together to ensure the healing of our nation, and in the future, our children and our children’s children will judge us on how we have built strong foundations of mutual respect and goodwill towards each other.

With the rise of a global terrorism that violently hits out at all who do not pledge allegiance to it, it is incumbent upon all Malaysians to work together with our government to ensure the security and well- being of our beloved nation. We must deal quickly with irresponsible, radical and divisive elements who seem to enjoy privileged protection whilst indiscriminately snapping at our heels.

We extend to all Muslims our warmest good wishes in this holy month of Ramadan and a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Yours sincerely,

Revd Dr Eu Hong Seng,
Chairman and the Executive Committee, The Christian Federation of Malaysia

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