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KKIP Divine Mercy pilgrim experiences mercy at St Peter’s Holy Door Kudat



KUDAT – Below is a personal account from pilgrim Stanley Petrus, chairman of the Divine Mercy Apostolate who led his group from KKIP Church of Divine Mercy on a pilgrimage to the Holy Door of St Peter’s Chuch here on 16 Apr 2016.

The pilgrimage to the Holy Door has been an extraordinary experience for me and I believe it is not a coincidence but God’s will.

There were 72 of us participating in the pilgrimage to St Peter Kudat’s Holy Door.  Speaking for myself, I truly experienced peace in my heart and felt the love of God through His mercy. Before entering the Holy Door, I was of the old-self and worldly. After entering the Holy Door, I felt God’s mercy through the outpouring of His Holy Spirit on me. I experienced God’s Presence through the Divine Mercy of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Now, I feel I am emboldened to go out and  proclaim the mercy of God and to do the works of Mercy during this Year of Mercy. Jesus, I trust in you.

I believe my fellow pilgrims experienced the same mercy of God, if not more.

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