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Major superiors come together to foster unity

major superiors

MAJODI, Johor – The Conference of Religious Major Superiors (CRMS) held their meeting which was attended by 23 superiors of religious congregations from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The meeting was held at Majodi Centre, January 12-14.

Sr Mel Benedictos, RC, secretary of the CRMS, said that CRMS is an association of all provincial/regional superiors of religious congregations in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, for the purpose of building cooperation and greater collaboration towards the achievement of the purpose of their individual institutes.

Sr Mel said it was also to foster suitable coordination and cooperation with the Bishops of the Region.

According to Sr Mel, the meeting touched on sharing of “family news.” Updates were given by each congregation and the highlights of their community for the past six months. “For the Year of Mercy, the religious communities will plan events at diocesan level in coordination with the local church,” she said.

The meeting, said Sr Mel, also evaluated the past activities on the International Year for Consecrated Life.

Sr Mel said the meeting with the CBCMSB was a cordial one. One of the main issues discussed was how, as one Church, we could work with greater coordination and combine forces for the evangelisation of our peoples.

The CRMS also had a meeting with the Apostolic Nuncio of Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino.

The Nuncio delivered an address on reflections on the Extraordinary Year of Mercy by Pope Francis. He stressed three goals which should guide and give form to this special time of grace.

Firstly, we need to experience strongly, within ourselves, the joy of having been found by Jesus, the Good Shepherd who has come in search of us because we are lost.

Secondly, we need to be transformed by His mercy so that we may become witnesses to mercy.

Thirdly, we need to discover and enter into the “logic” of God.

Members of the CRMS also attended the episcopal ordination [of Msgr Bernard Paul] and appreciation dinner the following day. – Herald

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