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Youths discuss PAX topics

youth discuss pax

TANJUNG ARU – Stella Maris parish youths held their first gathering of the year on 31 Jan 2016 at St Peter room for the youth ministry. Twenty-five members turned up and shared a simple dinner at the Fellowship Centre, followed by praise and worship, games and sharing sessions.

The aim of the gathering was to open up for a detailed discussion on several key topics brought up in the recent PAX Assembly. Questionnaires were passed round to each member in order to obtain individual  views on the topics. The discussion was fruitful in gathering their opinions and a gauge on the young people’s expectations of the Church.

Henneslie and Diana Wong led the programme for the night. They had taken the first step to build the foundation of the ministry. They look forward to more youths joining the youth ministry.   Jeremy Chin Photo: Jane Lajami

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