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Corpus Christi signifies eternal covenant with God

page6 1KOTA KINABALU (CS) – Sacred Heart Cathedral celebrated Corpus Christi Jun 6. Archbishop John Wong presided the Mass and concelebrated by Fr Jeffri Gumu and Fr Rhobby Mojolou. It is also called the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ which saw two significant occasion; the commission of the Extraordinary Communion Minister and first-time procession of Corpus Christi around the Cathedral’s compound.

What is the importance of this celebration? The Archbishop tells us that the emphasis is on the bread and wine, turned into the Body and Blood of Jesus, through the Eucharistic ministry. The Church believes that the eternal covenant between God and man lies in the receiving of the Body and Blood during communion. Thus during the Mass, the Cathedral also acknowledged the Extraordinary Communion Ministers and commissioned them in serving in the ministry.

Archbishop Wong asked the congregation, “Do you want this Saviour God who gives us eternal life? If yes, are you ready to leave all other ‘gods’ you are pursuing?”  A procession followed immediately after Mass. The procession was led by the prelate carrying the Corpus Christi, signifying Jesus as the Shepherd, and the parishioners that followed are His flocks.

The procession started from the altar, out to the perimeter of the Church area and ended at the parish hall with silent Adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  The prelate closed the procession with a Benediction.  More than a thousand parishioners joined the walk for the procession holding lit candles.

Trini Phillips, a teacher said, “With all the candles lit, it is so beautiful. While walking in the procession, I reflected that life is truly a journey following Christ”.

Another parishioner, Maria Chee expressed that the occasion is meaningful to her. She reckoned it as walking with the Lord in her life. The procession was also accompanied by choir singing. Maria said it would have been more beautiful if the choir could break up into different groups and lead all the parishioners to sing together.

“Since it is my first Corpus Christi procession, surely it is an eye opener and I thought it gives more awareness of its meaning to parishioners,” said Peter Prabha. He also believes that this should be an annual event.

The procession ended with a 20-minute silent Adoration, a way of listening to the Shepherd while we are journeying through life so that we would know what He requires of us. – Linda Edward

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