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St Catherine Laboure launches RM1-a-brick fundraising project

St Catherine Fund RaisingTANJUNG ARU – Stella Maris Parish launched the St Catherine Laboure RM1-a-brick fundraising project at the church parish hall in conjunction with the Carols by Candlelight, followed by a fully-sponsored dinner at the Fellowship Centre Dec 21 last year.

The idea of the RM1-a-brick was to enable any and every one to take up the challenge to be fully involved as a Church by their willingness to support no matter their financial standing.  Your least contribution would cost you RM1 for a brick.  With the completion of the Church, each one could literally say that their “bricks” have contributed to build up the Church!

A briefing was given by Dominic Chong, on behalf of the St Catherine Laboure Steering Committee, to update the parishioners on the stage of development for the new Church, as well as its latest financial standing.

Mgsr Primus Jouil officiated the launching of the campaign.  Children were made to be an encouraging part of the campaign and were each given a coin box to put in their savings for donation, and handed back by July.

A counter is open to receive contributions at the Stella Maris Sunset Mass, Sunday English and Bahasa Masses.  The current collection as at January 24-25 is RM3, 308,513.00, which represents 55.14% of the total sum which needs to be raised. – Jeremy 

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