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Bintulu home cell group members attend day of recollection

Baptized RCBINTULU – Some 300 members of the Home Cell Groups attended a one-day recollection at Parkcity Everly Hotel Jul 5 to refresh themselves.

This was the 7th recollection and was conducted by Fr John Chia, from Limbang. He was assisted by Fr Michael Sia from Bintulu.

The theme chosen “I will make you the light”  was taken from Prophet Isaiah 49:6.

In his reflection, Fr John Chia explained that all baptized Catholics are “the light for Christ” and not just those leaders in the church. He cited many examples especially those who suffering from cancer and still remain faithful to the church. They represent the true light of Christ for us to follow.

According to Fr Chia, In the context of the Home Cell Group, it is very important for all cell leaders to set good example through their commitment to serve so that members can see the “light”. Hence, cell leaders must treat their home cell meeting as top priority. They must commit themselves and make time for the cell group meeting that they are leading. They must help their members to grow spiritually and care for their members need. Leaders should not act as if they are “bosses” who can order their members around. Cell groups with this type of leadership will not grow and will die eventually.

Also included in the recollection was a healing service with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

In summing up, Fr Michael Sia explained the need to forgive those who had hurt us and to open our wound to Jesus for him to heal us so that we all can be the true light for Christ. – Thomas Seo 

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