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Strengthening marriage through Marriage Enrichment

Marriage enrichment 1opTAWAU – Marriage life has somehow become the one issue that is being neglected. Most married couples or family take marriage life for granted. They are unaware of the need to be renewed spiritually.

The Family Life Ministry of Holy Trinity parish organized a one-day session on ‘Marriage Enrichment’ for 14 married couples at St Stephen Tass Ranggu, one of the outstation chapels of Holy Trinity parish Mar 29.

Seven couples from the Family Life Ministry shared their experiences on marriage life. They shared the different aspects of their own marriage life with the hope that the couples would realize their current relationship with their spouse and take the opportunity to strengthen the sense of understanding, accepting and forgiving one another. Participating couples are expected to experience some form of spiritual renewal. This would help them grow in faith and strengthen their marriage life.

Topics on God’s plan for marriage, responsibilities of husband and wife, communication, sacredness of sex in marriage, forgiveness and acceptance were some of the relevant topics covered.

Three couples stepped forth to share the struggles and problems they encountered throughout their marriage journey. In moments of pain and hurt, they turned their eyes to God and recalled the vow they professed to their spouse before the Lord  “I promise to be true to her /him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her/him and honor her/him all the days of my life.”

In winding up the day’s session, Julita presented a brief summary on the wonders of marriage. Marriage is a gift and no matter what environment or circumstances faced by the couples in the family, they must first put their hope in God, the giver of all spiritual needs.

Married couples are invited to put their faith in Christ, the author of marriage. They are to journey together to be the witness of the loving Father to other couples, just as Christ has loved the Church.

Participants shared that they were privileged to attend the session and that it was beneficial to their marriage life. They were inspired by the honest sharing and input by the team members. – Julita SOCCOM


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